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13 October 2005 @ 01:23 pm

Locked for members of miraipuri

Hello there, 'you' reading this entry. This journal is locked, sorry. Because things have to be done properly, all you have to do is follow the rules below. (yes, even if I know you) Then comment to be added. If you don't, then turn back now. We don't like each other.

So go ahead, humor me.

time for the rules; it never fails

01 I do not accept random adding of friends. Tell me your name at the very least.

02 It costs money if you want me to translate a manga/anime.

03 I'm not interested in you. Sorry.

04 I don't like Otaku. -points to his userinfo.- Icky.

05 I love my friends more than anything; if you troll on their journals or insult them through mine, you will be banned from my journal and deleted from my friends list.

06 I have a deep love for insulting, ranting, and pranks. I hope you can handle it. And if you can't, too bad.

07 I am empathetic -- therefore I will rant about my feelings now and again.

08 I'm rude, by the way, so don't be dense. I'll burn you for it.

09 Give me one good reason why I should add you.

10 I'm generally nice and I can take insults, but it's all over when you over step your boundaries.

11 Do not friend me anonymously. You will just be ignored.

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Current Music: Do As Infinity-本日ハ晴天ナリ